Amazon to create 100,000 jobs: Are jobs coming back to America due to the Trump victory?

  • Yes, jobs are coming back to America.

    Jobs seem to already be coming back to America after the victory of President-elect Donald Trump. Trump based much of his campaign on demonizing companies who outsource jobs to other companies. Therefore, it may not be such good PR for companies to offshore jobs with Trump in office. Many companies have announced plans to bring jobs back to America.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    The staffing up isn't particularly surprising for a company moving into multiple categories from groceries, hardware and video to fashion and cloud services. But the move could appease Mr. Trump, who tangled with Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos during the election campaign. It's a very powerful headline, and the timing certainly makes Trump look good. It's going to happen in the first year and half of his administration. Mr. Bezos couldn't have set him up any better to look good -- timing is everything.

  • No, jobs are not coming back to America due to Donald Trump winning the presidency.

    No, jobs are not coming back to America due to Donald Trump winning the presidency. Donald Trump is not even president yet. This announcement from Amazon and the announcements from other countries who have kept jobs in the U.S. or created jobs for Americans do not have anything to do with his election.

  • Unrelated to Trump

    How can someone sit and credit Trump for these new jobs when he hasn't even been sworn in yet? He has already tried taking credit for saving jobs in other industries, with CEO and union leaders in those industries denying his claims. Trump has nothing to do with job creation as of yet.

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