• Yes, Amazon stock os overvalued.

    Yes, there are several popular companies whose stock is overvalued. Among these are Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. It's not that these companies are so valuable or doing that well. It's not that they are better than other companies. It's just that they're more popular, which to me means there's a lot of hype involved.

  • It seems so

    If you survey articles on Amazon stock, many conclude that it's one of the most overvalued. Headlines on Amazon stock range from calling it the last bubble standing to horrendously expensive, to positing it could be in for another lost decade. Amazon is one of the fastest growing, but least profitable discount retailers, and several money sites label it as overvalued.

  • Not at all

    Well, maybe I should not say not at all. I mean I don't know anything about the stock market, but I do know Amazon. I take my Amazon shopping very seriously and therefore don't think Amazon COULD overvalue it's stock. But like I said, I may be the wrong person to count on for this answer.

  • One Stop Shop

    Amazon is the only site I go to to buy almost anything. They offer all the essentials from clothing to food. You could almost live in the same place and never leave while getting everything you need delivered straight to you. That point is driven home if you spend the $70 a year to get their Amazon Prime Service which offers free 2 day shipping on almost anything you buy.

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