Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa divorce: Should Amber Rose get full custody of their child?

  • Amber Rose should maintain full custody of their child

    After the shocking announcement of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's divorce and allegations of adultery, the truth outside of all of that is that Amber Rose provides a more stable environment for their child while her soon to be ex-husband is on the road. Musicians and their quality of life on the road is not the best place for secure surroundings when raising a child, so giving Amber Rose full custody is not out of reach based on his Khalifa's professional lifestyle.

  • Amber Rose should get custody

    Amber Rose should get custody. If the source of their breakup is cheating, she should get partial to full custody. Although cheating has nothing to do with children, it points to character flaws that could hurt children in the long-run. I hate to see a celebrity couple head for divorce. I think we need to see more of them last.

  • No, Amber Rose should not get full custody of her child.

    It is important that if possible a child have both parents in their life. Wiz Khalifa is the father and he has every right to have his child in his life just as Amber does. Both parents should share custody because there is not evidence that the child wouldn't be in a safe environment with Wiz.

  • They Should Share Custody

    I believe it is important for both parents to be involved in children's lives as much as possible. If they both want to participate in this child's life then they absolutely should be allowed to. It's likely he'll be paying for the care of the child either way, but he most certainly should have a right to shared custody.

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