America an unhappy country: Is income inequality to blame for America's low happiness ranking?

  • Yes, and I don't think that's the only problem, either.

    America has a heaping pile of ridiculous problems, and people work too much for less pay. Americans typically have really negative views on things that will solve their problems. Americans are unhappy more thanks tons of other countries for a reason. Calling the US the land of opportunity is absurd.

  • Income inequality likely a source of unhappiness

    Income inequality is a major source of America's unhappiness. The decline of unions coupled with increased pay for top executives has created a divide. It is difficult to know you do not have the same living standards as your parents. Parents have to tell their children they cannot have certain things, a major source of frustration and unhappiness.

  • Yes it could be due to income inequality

    America has been facing income inequality which led to issues in getting proper medical care and proper education for some part of the society.
    This in turn leads to a vicious circle with this part of the society not having proper health and nutrition or proper jobs. This could be a reason for being unhappy

  • Income inequality is partly to blame for America's low happiness ranking

    Income inequality is partly to blame for America's low happiness ranking, but it is used more as an excuse, rather than a reason for unhappiness. American's are becoming increasingly lazy and dependent on the government for its happiness. That is a bad combination. When people make excuses, they have no drive to excel. It's a blame someone else society.

  • Happiness is a perspective.

    And money surely doesn't grant it. That's why the majority of lottery winners wind up broke again within the first few years of winning and some have even committed suicide. People are unhappy because they choose to be. They look at the comfort and quality of someone else's life and make themselves miserable by constantly reminding themselves what they lack, instead of what they have. Wealth is really just a perspective, it's not about how much you have as much as it is about how little you need.

    Income inequality is an excuse for people to continue to engage in fiscal irresponsibility in the name trying to pretend that they have as much money as their neighbors.

    While the lack of money can certainly dampen your spirits if you suddenly lose it and your life is disrupted, those situations are certainly the exception rather than the rule.

  • Income inequality is a minor issue with the low happiness ranking of America.

    There is no country in the world that has income equality, but yet there are happier people in the world. I believe that as American's, people continue to want things in which they do not want to work for. Income equality does not justify why there are many murders and suicides in the US. These are instances in which people have little morals and no responsibility to the human race. An individual is responsible for their own happiness. There are very poor people much below the poverty level that are happy because they look for the good in the day and are not concerned with what they have as much as who they have. American's have become very materialistic individuals compared to a few decades ago. Quite possibly, if we focused on people instead of things, we would be able to be a happier country.

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