America displayed cowardice during the Vietnam War by leaving their allies and South Vietnam to destruction after the fall of Saigon?

  • Abandoned Allies to a Mass Genocide

    During the Vietnam war, a main key to the war was the Ho Chi Min Trail. America had asked a tribe in the mountains, Hmong, to help lead the soldiers through the Trail. After several years of working for the Americans they left them there. Abandoned and without a notice. The fact that they were persuaded to fight for the Americans they were then targets. The Hmong tribe was forced into two groups. One Communist support and one American support. There was also the Viet Cong who was also targeting them. Thus led to a mass genocide of the hmong. Even today we don't even hear about them in History classes. Yet we don't understand that they are still running and living in the forest eating roots forced to eat anything. Also yet the effect of the Yellow Rain. What have the Americans done except allow few of the Hmong in the United States? That seems to be unable to compare to then facet of abandonment of a comrade!!!

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