• "United we Stand, Divided we fall."

    Is the America that we're witnessing today the results of a people divided by race by language, nationality, religion, and by a total indifference to other human being. We live here in America on the same plot of land but we no longer consider each other as neighbors and friends but each person we meet is considered as competitors in the race to get ahead to be used or ignored if not useful in some way in promoting our selves or our objectives. The lives of others the citizen contacts matters little as they are too busy plotting on how best to sabotage the other fellow who's occupying the position that should be theirs if this other individual wasn't standing in the way. Americans have somehow been taught to react to others as challengers to each other to be dispatched in the most efficient way. America today is a divided nation each person busily looking out for their separate interests no more a United Nation but just a group of people who's only connection is that they happen to share the same plot of land but alien to one another. The common motto to live by is, " do others before they do you," how sad for the country to have come to this condition in America.
    "United we stand, divided we fall," is America's days numbered and like Rome destined to fall.

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