• America is better than india

    Climate is better
    Quality is better
    No caste
    Women independence
    Less crime
    Less slave work
    More economy
    More diveristy
    The amount of people per land is better
    No sikhs calling Indians a terrriost country
    Actually atractive not only actresses are atractive
    Fought for their country not getting ass whooped by British
    Food is better

  • It is more developed than us

    India which is a democratic,soveriegn and a independent nation supports CASTE. It is a main problem in India. I am an indian and will be an Indian. But it is not fair to compare India with America as we have got our independence late.I love both the countries. Love both it's culture. JAI HIND

  • Americans are better than indians

    Americans are way better than Indians because we support women independence unlike Indians. We also are more independent then them because we can do average work like cleaning the house when they have a maid to do it. We also do not separate people from a caste system like them.

  • Indians are jerks

    Some idiot guy said that India could beat the rest of the world at every thing. All I had to say was who won the most gold medals at the olympics. Then he said Indian kids could beat Major League Baseball Palyers. What a freaking retard I hate those arrogant buttholes

  • More divorces happen in America

    If your at work for 8 hours and at home for 3 hours until you go to bed than which woman will you have more affection for? The woman you work with for 8 hours or the woman you live with for 3 hours. That's why I believe that woman do have power in India.

  • Indians are khaki. Americans are white.

    Go jack off your elephants. While you're at it, you can wash your sweaty turban. Maybe next time you should shower before you go outside. Does India have bald eagles? No, they have fucking elephants. Screw you India. Go back to your home on whore island. This is Murica bitch!

  • America is better than India.

    There is no doubt that America is better than India because we treat our society better than they treat their society. In India there is a massive amount of oppression among women because they do not treat them at an equal standing as they do towards men. They believe that women should hide their bodies, not be able to drive, not be able to express themselves, and serve men to whatever needs they ask. Also, there are a huge amount of rapes in India and the person that usually gets blame are the victims, the women. They believe it is their fault for not stopping the person and if they did not stop them then they must have been asking for it. No women ever asks for that to happen to them, and to make things worse they sometimes are forced to marry their rapist in order to avoid going to trial. They pressure women to follow their ways and if they do not they get punished. America treats everyone, for the most part, as equals and we do not allow the degrading of women like they do in India. We provide a more free country where people can be who they want to be, if they wish.

  • India is better than america

    I am an Indian and know how much people love here each other. Even neighbors who are like a family member to us and gossip with them for hours. India may have some problems but which country doesn't have bad side. Every festival is celebrate with happiness unlike America who just spend most of his time in work and doesn't have much time for its family.

  • No culture no shame only show off

    There is no culture in USA no shame in their women. Women's go independently without or less clothes on roads are parks which is very shameless. There are also lots of break up and divorces in America. People do not help each other or if they will help only for the physical use no humanity. Only one thinking in America that only fly in the air, other people's go to hell.....

  • America is no better than any other country

    Every country has its goods and bads. America has its good and its bad. Its bad would be no sense of ethnic pride amongst groups. I feel like that has kinda dumbed down our country. India which is an ethic homeland has a lot of ethnic pride in their country. America has great things, and bad. Same with every other country.

  • Most certainly not.

    I absolutely disagree with this. There is no best or better nation, culture, religion, language, or heritage. You, among all other Americans, need to stop feeling too much pride in a country of a large history of racism, inequality, and injustice. But also, you cannot compare the United States and India. Yes, you can tell what their similarities are, but they are both very different nations. One is an Asian nation and the other is a western nation. Now, can you please tell me why you think this? I do not see any possible argument for this.

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