America is no longer the greatest country in the world.

Asked by: Sciguy
  • This country is a joke.

    This country has always been a bully on the global community. Everyone in America is argent and full of themselves. This abuses its military power to control every other country to bend to uncle Sam's greedy ways. This country has never had the intent of helping any other country but itself.

  • The United States might have been at one time...

    I used to believe the US was the greatest. As I grew older I realized this isn't true. Adding 'anymore' is a good idea, since it probably was long ago. Back then most countries were monarchies with rough royalty, but I don't know. There's a chance it never was the greatest country. I'm planning on leaving the US.

  • The average US citizen has more rights and wealth than any other country's citizenry on Earth.

    In America, the citizenry has more power over the government than in any other governmental body in the entire world. We elect the majority of our government officials as representatives of the people's will, we can force government to address certain issues (petition), we have an entire document that limits the powers of government and gives the people inalienable rights and powers, and so on. No other citizenry has quite as much freedom as that of the United States citizenry, and to say otherwise is a flat out lie.

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