America is not a democracy no matter how you put it.

Asked by: Lucius_Deccori
  • We are currently an oligarchy.

    Whatever most of the American people want, we do not get democratically. They have little to no representation in the federal government, and because of this, you don't see policies to raise the minimum wage, gun laws, universal healthcare, a better social safety net, and more military spending than the next dozen countries combined.

  • We are a plutocratic oligarchy

    The government does not reflect the will of the people or work for the good of the individual or society, meanwhile special interest groups, businesses, lobbyists etc. have a large say. The political parties are oligarchal with only two parties (equally inept in my opinion) claiming to represent the people. Furthermore, the only instance where people can represent themselves is when electing representatives instead of policies themselves, with some people running unopposed and electoral college scamming citizens.

  • We are now a plutocracy

    Before i might have said yes. Democratic republic is still a type of democracy. But now the rich run everything now even our government to a frightenig extent. This isnt some dumb conspiracy theory. Its because we dont have public election combined with the Citizens United and Mccuchern decisions. The rich can basically buy elections and legislation and the public is getting less and less of a real say.
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  • We are a Democratic-Republic.

    It does not matter what you were told or taught, the facts support that America is not in fact a Democracy, but a Democratic Republic. A Democracy is when all the people, every single person, come together and make the decision as a whole. A Republic is where elected officials run the government. Could you imagine all of the people of America coming together and trying to make a decision? We are a Democratic-Republic because all of the people vote for the officials as a whole, yet the officials run the government and make the choices rather than the people.

  • The US has free and open elections. How is this not democracy?

    How is this even a question??

    Democracy has various shades to it - representative democracy, direct democracy, etc.
    US citizens vote for their representatives. It is a democracy.

    It may not be the most perfect democracy - you may not personally be able to vote for every bill that passes through the house, but that would be quite impractical. The US IS a democracy, no matter how you twist and turn it.

    If you think the US isn't a democracy, God help you. Do you want to experience a truly undemocratic country? Look at North Korea. Would you like to live there? That isn't a democracy.


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