America is the best solution of the Middle East crisis of these decade

  • Almost every country in Middle East has conflict to one another.

    A responsible strategy would focus on minimizing the dangers and costs of engagement by suppressing the most serious threats at the lowest expenditure of resources. This might entail using a select subset of capabilities—special operations forces, Tactical airpower, Support for local forces—to keep the pressure on the most dangerous terrorist groups and prevent them from mounting major external attacks

  • We are created the next generation of terrorists.

    Blackwater. It was suppose to help secure Iraq but it made things worse. American mercenaries just started shooting at people and running people over and crashing into cars. It get to they point that a mob killed some of them.

    What security are you talking about you talking about? The people never wanted you there. They were being killed by the radicals terrorist and by inept American soldiers who could not distinguish who was a terrorist. And then you left useless American weapons and abandon bases that no one ended up using.

    History will see you as the villains not as the saviors.

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