America, Russia, and China vs The rest of the world

Asked by: MasterLucario
  • Too much raw military force.

    China has a population of nearly 1.5 billion. Russia has a nuclear arsenal second to none. The US has the most powerful military in history. No country could stand a military offensive from any one of these countries. All three would be a slaughter. The EU would hold out for a time. They have a powerful military, and a population of more than 500 million. However, with The US coming from the west and Russia from the east, even the EU would fall. Japan would be able to survive for a time. Japans population is small, but technically advanced. They would inflict heavy casualties on china's invasion troops. Casualties that would not be enough to stop china, especially with american assistance from the east. The US holds the most powerful Navy in the world, . The fall of the EU and Japan would mark the end of the war. India would be able to raise a formidable force, but china would triumph. Like i said. These are the three most powerful countries on the face of the earth. No country can stand to defeat any of them except for China, Russia, and the US.

  • It would work

    Numerically speaking, they are at a disadvantage. But given time to prepare, they would hold out in a war of attrition. On the western front, I admit, the Russians would break. At first. But time has proven again and again, none can get past a Russian winter. On the eastern front (America), the most immediate threats would be Spain, the UK, Canada, and Mexico. Spain and the UK would be held off easily, considering they'd have to divide their military to tackle the Russian front. At best, they could blockade our eastern coast, but i have a feeling America wouldn't let that happen. Canada... Yeah, that's a joke. They would surrender within a week, and then their resources would fuel the american war effort. So, the biggest issue would be Mexico. More than likely, they would get the first blow in, striking at Texas. But the south, gun lovers they are, would fight back on the whole, and would soon lead the return charge into Mexico. China's biggest issue is the two Korea's and India. Japan would not be able to muster troops enough in time to stop an invasion which, with the help of a friendly american blockade, would lead to their eventual surrender. If the three superpowers were to lose, then it would be because China fell first, at the hands of india, leaving Russia at a huge disadvantage on their eastern front.

  • They could hold off

    The U.S, China and Russia could easily hold off an attack from the rest of the world provided they knew the attack was coming 3-4 months prior, no nation would be able to successfully hold off a counterattack from any of these nations and combined there nuclear power is far too great to overcome as the U.S alone would have triple the amount of nukes they would have.

  • Nukes and Land Area.

    Together their nukes are about 15,000 nukes. Then if you Us is on one side the not only dose the world get one US stronger but the word the gets one US weaker. The same for Russia and China. So basically it's the entire world versus TWO US, TWO Russia, and TWO China

  • Navy, Air force,and nuclear arsenal

    America's got the greatest navy and air force. Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal and second greatest air force. China has the numbers. Russia can take care of Europe. America can the rest of the America's, Australia,Africa, Australia, and the middle east. China might have trouble with India,Japan, and The Korea's ,but by then America should be done with the America's and Africa(besides maybe Egypt) and be able to help.

  • Impossible to win

    Some superpower country such as India, UK, France, Pakistan, etc are have nuclear, but too poor for it's nuclear weapon, also the military technology are old, the US war against all Americas, the Russia is the rest of EU, Africa, and Middle East, and the China war with South Asia, Mongolia, Korea Peninsula, Japan, and the rest of SE Asia

  • They could not win

    Great Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Brazil, all of Africa, Japan, India.
    Those three countries may be strong, but they could not beat all of these countries, and the rest of the world, no matter how strong they are. Besides, the Americans have been beaten by powers much below them before (vietnam), so I doubt they could win a war.

  • They would lose.

    True, you have possibly the 3 most powerful nations on the planet. Yes, they will create opposition, but that would not help them win. Britain has the best trained army, so they will put up a lot of resistance. All European countries combined could easily defeat Russia. India's military allied with the Korea's and Japan would dominate China. I doubt that Africa and South America would put up too much of a fight, although, there are countries in both of those regions that would definitely be more difficult to beat. If a war like this was to occur, China, America, and Russia would be overwhelmed. Even with nuclear support, you would have to take into account, that other countries also have nuclear weapons. Even if they don't have as many, risks would not be taken, just incase a nuclear war started.

  • It will not work.

    All of the worlds powers combined is powerful force. I know that in a war these powers working together could over come any enemy. The only problem is that the time frame they would work together well is slim. Not only do they different ideas on government but also on how to fight. So even if they took over the world it would just fall apart afterwards.

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