American Concentration Camps: Do Americans Overlook Less Flattering Parts of Our History?

  • Americans rarely look at the unsavory parts of their history

    There are a number of seriously ugly incidents in the annals of American history which tend to be glossed over in the official narratives perpetrated by the nation. This includes colonisation, slavery, concentration camps and war crimes. This failure to examine history in a negative light is not confined to the United States but is particularly pronounced there.

  • Yes, we must be aware of both the good and bad aspects of our history.

    As Americans, we have a patriotic duty to not only appreciate the admirable parts of our history, but to recognize and learn from our mistakes. If we do not do this, we run the risk of reliving some of our darkest days. This includes the despicable practice of rounding up Japanese-Americans and putting them in internment camps.

  • Yes they do

    Americans definitely overlook less flattering part of our history, this is probably why they have massive far-right problems. Ignorance is bliss, and people choose to ignore all the time in order to protect themselves. Others may find it pointless to dwell on the past, even if they could learn something from it.

  • It is easy for anyone to overlook less flattering parts of thier history

    In our busy lives, it is easy to forget our past in general, but those who do not know their history, as the saying goes, are doomed to repeat it. We all have a responsibility to not only be informed about our world on a daily level but on our history and how we have come to where we are. This not only gives us an added appreciation for the struggles of those before us and thusly the comforts we now enjoy but it also gives us a warning of mistakes we do not want to repeat.

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