AMERICAN CONSERVATIVES: Should the ideology of liberalism be banned from American politics?

Asked by: garyjones027
  • Yes, these ideas should not have authority

    They are entitled to their opinions as per the first amendment, but some idealism should not be able to gain any significant amount of power, just like the American Nazi party should never be allowed to get their guy into the presidency, liberalism should not be able to take hold over our nation.

  • Liberalism needs to be destroyed in all aspects of American politics.

    Liberalism has been destroying the United States since the country's foundation in 1776. It is an ideology created by satanists to degrade all Western democratic countries to their doom. The United States will only exist as a country if its political system establishes as a right-wing ideological basis. All left-wing ideologies must be banned!

  • No idea or ideology should ever be banned

    While I may have disgust and disdain for liberalism, in a free society, no thoughts, ideas, or philosophy or political ideology should be banned. Being that liberals have been trying to ban all sorts of ideas based on liberal political correctness, it is especially important that conservatives take the moral high road and not lower themselves to the same oppressive and unconstitutional methods that liberals have.

  • Pretty Damn Ironic.

    To say that one supports the First Amendment, and is a believer in the Constitution (i.E Conservative), and then to censor liberals because you disagree with their ideas, would be the most ironic and idiotic thing American Conservatives could ever do, really. It's pretty stupid that this is even a question.

  • The government shouldn't have the power to ban ANY form of free speech!

    Freedom of speech is a sacred freedom, it's an invaluable part of every democratic process.
    Furthermore, banning a poor idea doesn't make it go away, it makes it go underground where those propagating it wont encounter any kind of resistance or criticism, making it much easier for them to spread it around......

  • America is a free country founded on democracy

    And banning an ideology would go against the ideals America was founded on. If the American people believe that liberalism is that horrible and goes against this country's best interests, then they won't vote for liberal ideas or candidates and liberalism won't be a major part of American politics. If Americans do support and vote for liberalism, they're exercising their freedom of speech and their right to vote. Saying their decision is wrong and making that decision shouldn't be tolerated goes against American principles and contradicts democracy.

  • Ha Ha No.

    Neither conservatism nor liberalism should be banned from American politics. It would be incredibly ignorant, and quite childish to do so. Censoring everyone who disagrees you just shows that you're insecure about your beliefs, and if that is the case then you should seriously reevaluate them, because that is concerning.

  • Why would anybody say yes?

    Having only one political ideology would be terrible. It's also contradicting with conservative ideals. You say you support the First Amendment, but want to ban liberals from formign a government. It's also impractical, probably really costly, useless, and not something that needs changing. I'm scared for the USA's future now.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-05-30T16:35:21.707
That's an inherently unamerican thing to do. Liberals are just as convinced of the stupidity of conservatism as conservatives are of liberalism.