American Horror Story season 4: Has American Horror Story already jumped the shark tank?

  • The show seems to be having a bad year

    I hope that is what this question is about, because I am having a hard time understanding it. From what I hear online, is that "American Horror Story," has really bad writing this year. People are not to happy with the show right now. Unless, the show gets the writing back on track, they might jump the shark tank.

  • Only So Much Gore We Can Take

    "American Horror Story" shouldn't even be on television. Unfortunately, millions of Americans love to be scared and this show certainly fits the bill. This show "jumped the shark" a long time ago and doesn't deserve any more seasons. Even the ads for the show are somewhat bloody, which pushes the envelope of normal television.

  • No, American Horror Story constantly keeps things fresh

    No, I don't think American Horror Story has jumped the shark tank. Every season begins with a fresh plot, fresh characters, whilst also being able to maintain a familiar cast. It means that the actors aren't bored of the same characters and can try different angles without leaving the show, and the writers don't have to worry about complicated continuity across seasons. I certainly haven't got bored of it yet!

  • No, viewers are still loving the show and addicted to the twists and turns.

    Outsiders may see the show as just a freak show, but dedicated viewers are hooked on the shock the show gives. It's an original concept that takes creepy to the max. Its elaborate storytelling makes it a must-see show that keeps viewers coming back for more. FX has a good track record for pulling audiences in with their shows.

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