American Idol's company files bankruptcy: Is this the end for the popular show?

  • I hope this is the end of American Idol

    Television shows rarely continue if they can't make money for the investors. There are so many reality shows, and American Idol has continued for so long, I just don't think it's as popular as it used to be. It seems like viewers might be ready to go back to actual shows with quality scripts. At least, I hope so.

  • Yes, bankruptcy signals the demise of the "American Idol" show.

    Yes, falling ratings, overwhelming debt and drastic loses in revenues since 2014 are among reasons cited by Core Media, the parent company of "American Idol." The popular show was something new and different when it first aired but its format apparently failed to sustain the interest of the viewing public. Advertisers follow the viewers, and so does their money. Even loans from the show's creator failed to keep the finances in the black. After premiering in 2003, the show's thirteen years on the air may mean that "American Idol" overstayed its welcome.

  • Yes, I beleive bankruptcy will be the end of American Idol.

    I believe bankruptcy will be the end of American Idol. Bankruptcy alone is not to blame for the demise of the show however. In combination with declining interest from the audience and lack of the popularity the show once had, bankruptcy is the final nail in the coffin for the era of "American Idol." All good things must come to an end.

  • Bye American Idol!

    Although it is surprising that the American Idol's company had to file bankruptcy, I think most people would agree that the show really has been over for quite some time. American Idol should have ended long ago, and then maybe they could have avoided this unfortunate event. They had a long (and what appeared to be successful!) run.

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