American Jews are Afraid of a Holocaust happening in America, With all the Rising Anti-Semitism, Is an American Holocaust coming?

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  • It would be highly unlikely

    Anti-Semitism is not as prevalent in America as other forms of oppression such as homophobia and racism towards African-Americans. This would make it more likely for an "American Holocaust" to happen to those groups rather than Jews. Also, America is a stable country that is very capable of taking down any groups that pose a threat to American Jews. You may rest assured that at first sight of violence from Anti-Semetic hate groups, Our military will step in and disband the threat. Lastly, It is much harder to gather weapons and materials needed for another Holocaust in America and nearly impossible to bring them in from another country. Building an army like Hitler did without alarming the Army. FBI, Government, Etc. Would be borderline impossible. In all, There is hardly any chance for an American Holocaust to occur.

  • Jews need to be more supportive but

    American Jews fail to see how great this country is. I do not believe that the American people have a desire to engage in mass racial purges. They would rather all Americans come together and join together as one and face the problems without resorting to divisive Marxists tactics. The idea that someone grafitting a swastika will somehow lead to Holocaust misses the FACT that antisemitism was bordering on a cultural value by many in Europe at that time. No such attitude exists in the United States.

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