American kids in public schools should be required to take at least one foreign language course before they graduate. (Grades K-12)

  • I fully agree with this statement.

    American kids are going nowhere if they don't learn any language other than English. Sure, English is getting more popular, but it's nowhere near popular enough for Americans to go somewhere and expect everyone there to know how to read and speak English. I also think it would increase America's literary rate, and make our kids smarter.

  • I Totally Agree

    Kids should definitely have to take a language in elementary school. It's a proven fact that kids learn languages easier when they're young than when they're older. It just sticks better. I'm not finished with my schooling, and I have just been informed that I need a certain amount of credits in a language to graduate. At this point in time, I've never taken a language class as a kid. Here I am, struggling to pass my high school Spanish class, whereas the people around me who had taken a language as children are excelling in class. It gets harder to learn a new language as you get older. Start younger. It'll be way more beneficial in the end.

  • No harm in learning

    I 100% support the requirement that public school American children should take a foreign language course(s) before the graduate high school. The global competition is real, there are many countries out there doing better than America - that's a fact. Those that say 'they didn't learn anything' while taking a foreign course in high school are simply lying. The gains of even learning simple words or phrases is a gain within itself, and everyone can benefit from gains whether small or large. Also, language learning can open your interest to other things such as learning different ethnicities, cultures, countries, etc. There is no consequence in trying to learn a new language.

  • A college requirement.

    Unfortunately, most colleges require some foreign language. If the school does not require the classes, parents would likely sue the school blaming them for their child not getting into college.
    Thing is, some foreign languages like Latin and Greek could be helpful if they go into the legal or medical field as many of the terms used have words and phrases that stem from those languages. Unfortunately, few high schools teach them and teach mostly Spanish. Granted, if you live around the U.S./Mexico border, Spanish comes in very handy as you live among many recent immigrants and tourists. Maybe in an area founded by the Spanish. What is ridiculous is that where I grew up, learning Spanish had no reason except if your going to do some long distance travel. I lived across the border from French Canada yet French was not even an option. Only Spanish. Are we that worked up about making sure the new immigrants don't have to learn our language that we are forcing our kids to speak theirs?

  • The US is a melting pot

    I think that we could potentially be a lot more tolerant of individuals different than us, especially individuals coming here from a foreign country and learning a new language, if we all had to ATTEMPT to learn a new language too. People can be way too judgmental of somebody's inability to speak English when he or she is living in America and struggling to learn the language. You try learning a whole new language... Plus being bilingual is just a valuable life skill! I personally am trilingual- English being my primary language!

  • Not everyone can

    I struggled enough with English. Because of the language requirement, I'll have a much harder time graduating then most, as well as with math. ASL is my only chance but the classes are full all the time.

    I'm okay with language classes in general, but don't grade it. I hate the fact that I could be in high school until I'm twenty.

  • For many, it does nothing

    I had been learning Spanish for four years. I took many online tutoring classes and worked my ass off to pass. It was an intense class and language, but I bore through it. My issue with forcing students to do this? It did absolutely nothing to help me get into college, and I don't even use the language anymore.
    My ability to speak level four Spanish did not help me get into college and was most likely not even looked over. My grades were good, as were my SAT and ACT scores. I can barely even remember much about my Spanish classes. So many students do not need to learn an entirely different language unless they plan on majoring in it, want to be bilingual for translating or plan on going to another country (yes, I acknowledge there are more reasons, this just sums it up). Forcing kids to learn this can be difficult for so many of them and provide so much stress for those who just don't have the ability to learn it.

  • I believe that

    We should be able to take it as an optional thing, like extra curricular activities..For example I like to think that I am pretty good with languages, for I have learned Japanese, Arabic, English and I'm learning Korean, but, to have some kids get graded on how well they learn another language just doesn't sit well with me. I believe students can take a variety of different classes outside of school to pick up on languages if them and their parents will think it will benefit them in the long run.

  • No no no

    I already have to learn Hindi at my house and I have French in school. Soooooo no more languages not to mention my mother trying to get me to learn the entire language of English after I said my first word😡So no more languages alright ok got it no more 😠😤😡

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