American mobsters (politicians) get paid to screw the American people. Does this make them prostitutes?

Asked by: Sitara
  • Yes it does.

    If these mobsters screw the American people for money (they do), taxpayers pay their salaries (that puts us in charge), that means that we are the pimps, and like any good pimp, we need to demand our money's worth. That means equal protection under the law, men's rights, women's rights, children's rights, everyone's rights. This is bull s**t.

  • It does not make them prostitutes.

    American mobsters (politicians) that get paid to screw the citizens of the United States of America, does not make them prostitutes. This makes them mobsters or criminals, there is no way that this makes them a prostitute. The definition of a prostitute is someone who sell their bodies for sex.

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