American Sniper & Michael Moore: Are snipers cowards (yes) or heroes (no)?

  • Snipers may not be cowards, but they are murderers that border on sociopathic behavior.

    With the recent film, "American Sniper", there has been a brewing controversy over snipers in wartime. When an army invades a country illegally as the United States did with Iraq and Afghanistan, snipers become trained murderers who hide behind a wall of created support that leads to believe they are doing good work killing innocent women and children. Had the country not invaded illegally and these snipers carried out the same acts they would be tried for murder nd branded sociopaths.

  • They're just soldiers

    They're not cowards, they're not heroes. They're psychopaths getting paid for their job.

    An individual sniper may be a coward or a hero but it has nothing to do with him being a sniper. But military forces are rarely out to save people, especially in comparison to those they kill.

  • Snipers Are Heroes

    Snipers are heroes because a good sniper can stop a unit in it's tracks. Watch the American Heroes Channel's Top 10 Snipers to learn the truth. Navy SEAL Snipers are among them. Rob Furlong took out a man in an al-Qaeda mortar nest from about 2,430 meters away. Go snipers.

  • Cower in safety and fire. The sniper is thought of throughout the world for more than one reason.

    Snipers only attack from their hiding place, safe and secure while real soldiers attack the enemy more or less heads up. Just because America has sunk to this low level like some other nations, doesn't make shooting at people from your safe hiding place honorable. Stand and fight, don't cower.

  • Snipers are not cowards

    Although snipers might not be right in the middle of the action, they are far from being cowards. The fact that they joined the armed forces at all shows their courage. Snipers are very important and should not be ridiculed just because they fight from a distance instead of up close.

  • Snipers are assets

    It's very simple. Snipers are no more or less cowardly than attack helicopter pilots or artillery gunners. Michael Moore is a fat, hypocritical idiot. Cowards are those who are afraid to fight for something they believe in, and cover their cowardice by calling soldiers psychopaths. Chris Kyle was a warrior, and we should honor our warriors.

  • The military is a team and just like a functional team, snipers are a critical part in keeping daily operations possible.

    Snipers are soldiers, but they're soldiers that have put in additional blood, sweat, and tears into protecting their comrades and their country. I'm not saying that they're by any means more important than the average soldier or the five-star general, just that they have their own essential role. Without their presence and watchful eyes from afar, the military would not be able to carry out it's daily operations/tasks without the fear of being picked off by ground troops or other enemy snipers.

    Some say that those who become snipers display socipathic/ pyschopathic behaviors and while this may be true, I'd like to remind them that these soldiers have to live with lives they sacrificed in exchange for the safety of their comrades and the protection of American freedom. Very little people actually consider what these soldiers go through, but there are enough critics to instantaneously jump on the bandwagon that they're cowards instead of heroes, heartless lunatics instead of someone trying to do their job. Chris Kyle didn't kill the enemies for the "fun of it"; he joined the military out of patriotism and killed as many men as he did protect America's own troops. So, I don't see these men as cowards; they are men that must make the choices, and live with the consequences, that hopefully you or I will never have to live with ourselves.

    Lastly, I'd just like everyone to remember that it's the soldier, not the polician, journalist, or any other profession, that fights for AND guarantees us our daily rights. Because of this people are entitled to whatever they want to say and people will continue to put their foot in their mouth, but I think it's important that before you are quick to spew criticism about war or the military, you might want to consider how you got that right. After all, if our freedoms are protected by "cowards" fighting America's enemies both above, below, and on the ground, on land and sea, what does that say about the rest of the citizenry that sits back on the sidelines and has the gall to complain about the dirty work that is done by others so we don't have to?

  • Snipers are often more brave than your average foot soldier.

    Snipers are some of the bravest men our country has to offer. Snipers often suffer from PTSD at higher rates than their comrades, because they watch their targets die, close up and personal. They are also made targets by the enemy, especially by enemy counter-snipers, more often than common soldiers, due to how lethal they are. Snipers are not only put at greater risk on the battlefield, but suffer more severely when they return home. These men deserve the utmost respect. Without them, we wouldn't have the ability to freely voice our opinions on this site.

  • They serve our country and The Controversy

    Snipers are a Man NOT a manchine but they have dignity and morality to serve their country very well and doing their jobs so that our country will be protected.Micheal Moore is an critism of Movies based on their amounts of attention and reception.I have never seen the movie but Clint Eastwood had an idea to based a story on a famous Sniper that once served in the middle East.

  • Snipers are soldiers..

    They are soldiers that are tasked to harass and disrupt enemy operations. Their methods are crafty, sneaky and low-down but it is required for small groups of men working alone. They have to hide. A two man team can's possibly take on a whole platoon, and these methods make tactical sense. Calling them cowards is just a cop out.

  • They are saving the country.

    The cowards are the people who constantly behead Christians and Americans and then post the videos on the internet. Snipers, who try to root out evil such as that, are the ones to be considered heroes. They put themselves in harms way in order to keep other people safe, including Michael Moore.

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SirCrona says2015-01-20T22:36:56.960
Depends on the sniper.
bravenewworld says2015-01-21T01:55:19.360
A better question may be.. Are drone pilots cowards?
Tarfun says2015-01-22T16:54:06.267
I would say neither to be honest. They CAN be impressive, no doubt about it. But can killing some-one ever be classed as heroic? It is good for the country you are fighting for, but you have to remember it is easy to call someone such as a terrorist (or freedom fighter) a 'bad' guy when you are sitting comfortably at home, without a dictator or oppressive goverment ensuring complete social slavery. Basically, always look at it form the other perspective to gain a true understanding into the minds of the people on the ground.