• It is true

    Pretty much every car brand is better than American car brands.
    First off, they are more reliable, second the cost is pretty good.
    I think German cars are really good, but the only reason the cost is much higher here (US) than there, is because they have to shipped over here.

  • Foreign cars are better

    I think foreign cars are great, I have bought Hondas, volkswagens, Toyotas, BMW, Mercedes throughtout the years only once did I but a 2001 GMC jimmy and the thing was a piece of cral. Had 98,000 miles then when I hit 105,000 it needed a transmission the when I hit 115,000 I needed a new engine. Sold the car for 500$ to some kid never again I buy american. All the rest cars never had big problems with. And I live in america and I think they're pieces of shìt

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