Americans joining Formula One? They should stick to their own sports.

Asked by: Mike01506
  • Stop, Just stop.

    They now want to join and start racing in the iconically European, Formula One racing.
    It's the one sport that I do respect, and that's because it's a commonly European sport which sets itself aside from America's Nascar racing.

    This doesn't need much explaining, because it's a simple matter of national sports and where the line is, and America shouldn't be crossing this one. I'm bothered enough by the infringement on my language, as it is simplified for no reason into a mass of confusion and bad spelling. (and yes, I'm talking about "American English" there) I don't want part of my European culture disappearing as the US join F1.

  • Why stop them

    It would help open a new market to better sell the program to. There are currently tracts in USA and Canada, so if you want people to be interested in it, get local racers involved in the events. If you are going to exclude those people from racing, you better not think about racing there.

  • Yes, but they shouldn't overwhelm the sport.

    If America has a race (soon could have two again), why stop the racers from entering? They shouldn't have much else, because we all know what happens then, but we should let drivers enter. Maybe they will bring something good to the sport. Maybe 4 drivers, because DIVERSITY, and a team or two.

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