Americans need to start treating one another like teammates instead of competitors. It's the most powerful way to increase our GDP per capita.

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Americans need to start treating one another like teammates instead of competitors. It's the most powerful way to increase our GDP per capita.
  • America, f*ck yeah.

    Right now, we look at someone that is unemployed and we are just pissed off at them for not having a job. Unlike our children, we would be happy if they just went out and got a crappy job in a factory and quit eating up our tax dollars. Our children, however, most of us are eager to take care of them and pay for their schooling in order for them to have a better career. (This is assuming the child is driven and really putting forth an honorable effort to be successful.) (My example is also assuming a "good" parent.) We take much more of a nurturing approach with them as compared to the approach we take with strangers. We do this, because we consider them part of "our team". If a country were able to instill this type of "mentoring" attitude to all of it's citizens, that country would quickly rise through the rankings when looking at factors such as, "GDP per Capita" and "Quality of Life". For whatever reason, the United States takes more of a "I don't know you, so I don't really care. Quit taking my money." attitude.

    Some people might call me a "bleeding heart liberal" for making this observation, but the fact is, from a self interest economic perspective, we would all just be better off if we did "mentor" one another a little better.

  • We need to treat the world like teammates!

    I agree with this statement. At least it's a start. Nobody's free until we're all free. There is enough to go around. Most people are caught up in single issues, or are entrained to see differences when we should see commonalities. Universal brotherhood. The lost secret chord. It's all connected.

  • GDP per capita could significantly increased if the american regard others like teammates, not compertitors

    As far as I am concerned, there are two basic ways to raise the GDP of a nation. The first one is to have more people working and the second way is that they are able to work efficiently. If one has a sense of treating other people like teammates, he will probably suggest a co-operarion with others. As a result, there are more forces to do the job and this action really reflects the first way mentioned above to increase the GDP. In addition, the co-operation also helps each side to work more efficiently because every partner can develop its strong points and to reduce its weaknesses.

  • We should be treated fairly

    Everyone has their own opinion let it count and dont be a competior because when your a competior its wrong because in then their going to be alot of arguements so let evrything go fairly and and sgree with each other . Yes at some points you can dissagree but not all the time

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