Americans Watch Too Much TV: Was Big Brother the mother of all reality TV?

  • Big Brother was the Original

    Big brother was the original reality tv show. A psychological look into the way normal people interact. The more modern big brother has far more editing and outside influence to put the contestants under additional pressure and make it as entertaining as possible for the audience. There is no denying however that it is the godfather of reality tv.

  • It was the first.

    Yes, Big Brother was the mother of all reality TV, because it didn't used to be that there were 5 reality shows on ever channel. Big Brother was first, and even before Survivor, everyone watched Big Brother. It is the silliest show, and that's what makes it the predecessor of reality television.


    Yes, this was by far the worst of reality Television. People have gotten to be too nosey and want to watch this garbage all the time. Give me a sitcom. drama, or even a documentary to watch. These reality shows are just truly showing how stupid Americans are becoming. They don't care about how much they are showing to people anymore.

  • Survivor was better

    Survivor has been around for well over a decade, and since the beginning has been engrossing its audience. Not only has survivor remained popular for close to fifteen seasons, it has had many people try to copy the format. Big brother may have been the mother, but survivor is the father.

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