America's party system be abolished, and instead have everyone be independent?

Asked by: GoodPoint
  • Yes! The parties are corrupt and distract from real issues.

    I absolutely hate the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Their antics are juvenile and they are completely corrupt, only allowing certain elites with deep pockets any chance at a position of leadership. The system is garbage. I would very much love to see individuals run on their own merits, independent of political parties and their nonsense.

  • We need multiple parties, including a party of Apathy.

    Democracy is a ridiculous institution. It is just another form of might is right. The ideal thing to do is to abolish it completely. However, it appears that such a thing is not likely in the near future, or even in the far future. We need to, therefore, in the short term, allow others apart from the Republicans and Democrats to be able to atleast have some voice in the Congress. These could be libertarians, socialists, communists, greens, etc. It may even include a party of apathists, a party of people who just don't give a f--k.

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