America's youngest billionaire is a college dropout: Is college necessary for success in today's world?

  • Yes. College is still necessary for success in today's world.

    There is a fair amount of luck involved when it comes to making billions of dollars. You have to have the right product, the right investors and the right circumstances all align in order for you to be able to make that much money. Over 90% of the population will never becoming billionaires, regardless if they graduated from college but the reality is that most companies won't even interview you without a college degree so if you want a decent paying job, a college degree is what you need to get it.

  • The college dropout billionaires are few and far between.

    It is true that there are a few ultra successful people who are college dropouts, but they are the minority. A college degree is still necessary for the majority of people to succeed if they have hopes for an upper/middle class lifestyle. College provides the necessary tools for people to succeed in business, the ones who do not need education are a special few.

  • It depends on the situation

    It depends, but really, for a lot of positions, because the world is moving at the speed of light, by the time you learn the information for the job you are getting, that job, during those four years, would have evolved, so by the time you apply you will have to be trained by the company hiring you.

    And plus, if you want success, copy the successful and everyone else's advice is worthless

  • Its been proven

    As stated, America's youngest billionaire is a college dropout. Many other extremely successful people never graduated college.I personally an in college at the moment and I find the information I am being taught to be pretty much useless in the real world. I think attending college is necessary to obtain a job in toady's world but the actual information learned is just a waste of time, unless you are trying to become a doctor, lawyer or something along those lines.

  • Is College necessary now?

    I think a good education is always important, however that doesn't necessarily mean college. There are many wonderful trade school, apprentice programs, and many more opportunities currently available; which will insure a wonderful career. While some degree fields are so over populated and under valued that their degree is only worth the paper its printed on. Just look at a plumber for example. They generally start with an apprenticeship, learn their trade, become licensed, and go on to earn a great living. So, college is not always required, but some type of training is.

  • While it is easier to be come a billionaire with a degree it's not imperative.

    There are many billionaires or very successful people who haven't got a degree of any sort some don't even have a secondary education.

    Sir Richard Branson chairman of the Virgin Group.

    Lord Alan Shugar Former chairman of Amstrad computers and now doing The Apprentice as the boss and a labour peer.

    Neither of these went to university and both left school with few or no qualifications at 15

    Mark Zuckerberg Chairman of Facebook dropped out of university

    Bill Gates of Microsoft dropped out

    These people aren't exactly billionaires but they are worth mentioning as they were still very successful.

    John Major became PM of the UK for several years until he stepped down he never went to school.

    Professor Albert Einstein The farther of modern physics was told at school he was subnormal and was kicked out of university because his theories research didn't tie up with the teachings at the time.

    So no it's not exactly necessary but it does help.

    Mark Zuckerberg and bill Gates both had a little collage before they made it big.

  • It depends on the circumstances.

    I think that it is obvious that if someone has a good job secured for them (e.G. Family business) that there is no need for a college education. Also, If one has a marketable skill that doesn't require a degree I think college is a complete waste if you're not interested in becoming "well rounded". I think that it is pathetic that so many positions now require degrees. I also think that it is sad that a large part of most degrees aren't necessary for success in their respective fields.

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