America's youngest female billionaire is a college dropout. Can most people be successful without a college education?

  • Could yes, Would, No

    Put your mind to it, focus, and you can do almost anything.

    But most people won't. Most people will choose to be lazy and waste their time and so they don't succeed.

    And oftentimes the best path to success involves college even if there are other potential avenues towards one's goals. In particular when you go to college you're paying people to motivate you to do things you probably wouldn't have done otherwise as well as paying for eventual credentials. Though if you were genius enough you could present an idea or an invention and prove your worth in a field even without a degree.

  • It depends on what is viewed as successful.

    Obviously if having a net worth of 1 billion dollars is the threshold of success, then people with a college education are more likely to succeed. However, if success is living a middle class or better life, than most people can certainly be successful without a college education. Education can sometimes be detrimental rather than helpful. It teaches us to conform and do things the way we are learned. But by not having these preconceptions, problems can be looked at from much different angles and solved. Also, education can be found in other mediums than college.

  • Education is extremely overrated

    The biggest problem with saying you have to go to college to be successful is that it assumes you can't get any education or knowledge any place else. There a million different ways to learn other than by going to school. You can go to the library. You can get wisdom through experience. You don't need to go to school if you are smart enough and know where to find useful info outside of the class room.

  • Most people can be successful without a college education today.

    After an undergraduate and graduate education (and thousands of dollars spent,) I personally believe that in today's environment specialized training is more valuable in the job market than a formal college education. A close friend attended a 2-year college, obtained an Associates degree, and within a year of graduation was making more money as a sonogram technician than I was as a marketing assistant at a large corporation. Specialized training, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit I believe, is a bigger driver of success than a Bachelor's or Master's degree.

  • Most people can not become millionaires without a college degree.

    Everyone wants to be a millionaire, but few actually reach that goal. It is a overwhelmingly difficult task that requires massive amounts hard work and dedication. While many people who do reach that goal of being wealthy are highly educated, some are not. That by no means suggests we should bail out on education. It just means we should work harder in everything we do; from passing our classes to developing our creative sides. You never know when a brilliant idea will explode into a million dollar payoff.

  • Not MOST people...

    I could agree if this question used the word "SOME" instead because I wouldn't say most people have the motivation/drive and the means to become successful. If most people could do this, than the gap between the rich and poor would be smaller. I say this because there are people in the poor class who could have the set of skills to achieve success, but do not have the means to do so which in turn can cause their motivation to go down.

  • Most people cannot reach millionaire or even billionaire status without an education

    Some people are astute and clever enough to get ahead in life with limited education. Each person is unique. A person's needs will differ when it comes to their personality, social status, capability and ambition. Some people need an education to understand the world, or place it into some perspective. Some people have the drive to educate themselves, read as much as they can, or naturally understand the world from a unique perspective, allowing them to prosper. Other people need some type of force, balance or direction to guide them. It solely depends on the person.

  • No, most people cannot be successful without a college education

    No, most people cannot be successful without a college education. The people who become successful without a college education are either really lucky, or work extremely hard to get to where they are. The majority of the successful people in the country are educated people who have climbed the corporate ladder.

  • There's a difference between having a degree and being educated.

    I would agree that it's not end-all-be-all required for a person to have a degree in order to be successful. It is, however, required to be thoroughly educated about what it is you're doing. The more education you have the better, and going to school is the best way to get that. This girl is anything but uneducated. She used the resources learned throughout her school career to help her get to where she is now. I'd wager it's incredibly difficult for an uneducated person to be successful.

  • She's not uneducated

    Elizabeth Holmes isn't technically "drop out" in the since that a highschooler fails out of school she voluntarily left school. She also didn't just leave any school she left STANFORD, because like many ivy league students they are already capable of running their own companies so instead of getting a degree to go work for a company they go out and make that company. This is what the brightest students in the world are capable of not just anyone.

  • Billionaire "dropouts" are almost exclusively smart

    Elizabeth Holmes the youngest American billionaire is a "dropout" however she didn't fail out of school she left it voluntarily. Also she didn't just "drop out" of any old school, she "dropped out" of STANFORD! Because like many ivey league students, they are already capable of running their own companies so instead of getting the degree to work for a company they make that company. These are what the brightest students in the country can do, not just anyone.

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