• Yes, celebrities are seen as sex toys.

    Most celebrities nowadays have transformed from the ideal role models that everyone in the society looked up to, and have become the opposite of that. Nowadays, celebrities use their sexuality or sexual attractiveness to sell themselves. This is clearly seen from the way they dress, act and also advertise themselves. This goes on to portrays them to the public as sex toys rather than who they really are.

  • Celebrities are too sexually explicit

    It seems to me that the only real focus on celebrities now is upon the sexual prowess that they have in order to make themselves stand out from the rest. More and more celebrities are taking this direction to the point where morality is no longer in focus or of concern.

  • It's based on narcissism not sexuality.

    The culture of celebrity obsession we have in America is ultimately an issue of narcissism. Does sexuality play a part in that? You bet. Our celebrity worship is based on the drastic increase in narcissism we have had recently. If you look at celebrities earlier in American history they were still loved and regarded as sex symbols but they did not suck up all the media coverage. Take George Clooney fort example. He is definitely a sex symbol but people respect him for his character and ability. He is not famous merely because he is famous.

  • Schumer is a clown

    Amy Schumer has about as much concupiscence as a grand piano. Nobody wants to get near a big-mouth, tarted-up fraud like Amy Schumer. Americans want answers. They don't want stupid diversions. Celebrities are what they are. No human being should be seen as a "sex-toy". The thought is repugnent to the rational mind.

  • Celebrities are not seen as sex toys

    While sex is one of the top selling factors in the media, many celebrities have long careers that have little to nothing to do with sex. Many celebrities are known for their talent, skill and charity work. These celebrities may be looked to for fashion and trends, however, majority are not seen as sex toys.

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Stefy says2015-04-24T02:00:26.917
I think you meant to say sex objects. Sex toys is a little different. XD