Amy Winehouse Birthday: Did Amy Winehouse leave behind a positive legacy?

  • Yes, I think so.

    All we can do now is try to prevent other young people going down the path she did. Amy has a musical legacy, but now the power of her name can go forward and change more lives for the better. Later this year Amy’s Place, a recovery house for young women who’ve finished treatment for addiction and need a safe space to rebuild their lives, will open its doors.

  • Yes and no

    Amy Winehouse left behind a mixed legacy. She was very talented but also very troubled. Noting that it's neither all good nor all bad, so yes there are some highs and some lows. Her addiction and her troubled relationship with her significant other and with her family are definitely part of her legacy, but so are her expressive vocals and her love of music.

  • Amy Winehouse did not leave behind a positive legacy

    While Amy Winehouse may have been a somewhat talented singer, what she left behind was a trail of destruction, horrible behavior, and no redeeming value that any person should ever try to mimic or copy. What is positive about being a drug addict and dying as result of uncontrollable behavior?

  • Amy Winehouse did not leave a positive legacy

    Amy Winehouse created some beautiful art in her soulful songs. However, her negative behavior and ultimately her death by her own mistreatment and addiction point to a legacy that would be sad if not negative. Her music can be inspirational and be relatable as well as therapeutic, but her lack of self care would mare her legacy and outweigh the positive.

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