An accident waiting to happen, almost got the US in to war!!!

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  • July 28, 2017, North Korea lunch their second icbm missile. Almost hitting the french airliner. Could you imaged what would have happen?

    Commercial airplane passed the spot in the Sea of Japan where a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile would make impact 10 minutes before it hit, The missile test was on Friday, and the flight was Air France 293 carrying 323 people from Paris to Tokyo. So what would have happen if it hit? The French and the US would have saw as an attack. Of course russia and china would have see it as a accident. The way trump running things and how he want to really stick it hard to the north, it would have been possible for trump to lunch attack, without getting all the facts. The French would want something done as well. Sure the north real objective would have been testing the new icbm, not trying to hit an airliner. But what would trump and the french see it as? It was totally possibly to have a war with just an accident. So keep in mind just a misunderstanding, in real time could have dire consequences.

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