An anti-gay pastor was barred from entering South Africa. Are countries becoming more tolerant of homosexuals?

  • Yes, they are.

    Most countries these days allow homosexuals to live freely and without fear of legal persecution and a growing number of counties are begining to suppor LGBTQ people and support them as equals to all other people. There is still a great deal of progress for LGBTQ and equal rights to be made however.

  • Countries are becoming more tolerant of homosexuals, but less tolerant of those who hold on to traditional marriage.

    There has been great progress in combating injustices aimed at homosexuals over the decades, especially in the West. Acts of violence and hate that target people based on their sexual orientation now receive condemnation from people of every political persuasion. While many countries have made advances, there has also been an increasing bigotry toward those who harbor no hate to homosexuals, but who nevertheless believe in a more traditional conception of marriage as between one man and one woman. Liberal governments in places such as Canada and England have started to censor such people, not for any actual hate speech, but for merely holding traditional views. If the gay rights movement wishes to continue to make progress, they are going to have to refrain from bullying those that peacefully oppose their ideology.

  • Countries are becoming more tolerant

    Countries are becoming more tolerant of homosexuals. It is becoming increasingly accepted in the United States, with states such as North Carolina facing public backlashes when laws perceived as anti-homosexual are instated. Even South Africa barred an anti-gay pastor from entering the country. Other countries are also preaching tolerance and acceptance.

  • Yes, we are getting better and better as a species.

    Our societies are becoming better and better in terms of tolerance and acceptance. This should continue to improve as time goes on. However, there are still major problems in some countries, especially in the Middle East and Africa, where homosexuals are horribly mistreated. Those countries should continue to develop and become more accepting.

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