An Ohio child cancer survivor kills herself over bullying. Is bullying getting worse?

  • Yes, tragically it is escalating.

    Yes, bullying does seem to be getting worse in some places. It is a huge problem, and schools, parents, communities, and students themselves need to continue anti-bullying efforts. This death is so very sad and tragic. The young lady needed support, not bullying. It is time that we as a collective start treating others right.

  • Administrators refuse to stop bullies.

    Adults have decided that the answer to today's bullying is to decide that bullying doesn't happen. They refuse to report bullying so their statistics look good. All they do is tell the bully to say that they didn't mean it. Bullying is getting worse for this reason, because the bullies know that they can just talk their way out of it.

  • Yes, I think so.

    People with kids should absolutely tell them to fight back to bullying. Because even if they don't, the kid taking the bullying will be punished just as bad as the kid dishing it out. The worst part of this is how the administration saw students fighting against bullying exactly how they're supposed to, and they stopped them from fighting back and didn't do anything about the bullies.
    It's horrific.

  • Yes, bullying is getting worse.

    Yes, bullying is getting worse because there are so many ways to bully now. With social media, kids can get bullied even after they go home. There is no escape. A bully can post something on social media for the whole world to see. It is too easy to bully.

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