An origin that never was initiated but the universe as is was always here and we cannot comprehend this.

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  • The universe may have never been "created" it is possible that we as humans cannot comprehend creation without a trigger action.

    The famed debate as to Creationism vs. Naturalism on the topic of the origin of the universe. It is possible that there never was any trigger action that would cause a "Big Bang" or "Universal Origination". The scale is far greater than any other trigger maybe this creation falls into a separate division and thus has alwas been here but as humans with limited capacity we cannot muster the ability to understand this and consider it.

  • Quantum Mechanics all the way

    Through recent discoveries in cosmology, it is certainty plausible that the universe could of came from nothing. Whether or not its true or not, it is certainty plausible which requires the next generation of scientists to go out and answer questions like these. We just don't know for sure yet

  • Too Many Assumptions

    There are at least three assumptions in this claim which I do not necessarily accept. First of all, there is the claim that the universe has an origin that wasn't initiated; we have no data for this. Second of all, there is the claim that the universe "as is" has always been here. This not only conflicts with the first point, but it also flies in the face of the current big bang model. Finally, the claim that we cannot comprehend it may be currently accurate, but there is no reason to assume it will remain that way forever.

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