Anaconda snack: Should people provoke dangerous animals in order to study them?

  • Provocation in the Name of Research

    We do, on occasion, need to provoke animals or make them uncomfortable so that we can learn more about them. We coexist with them, so we only stand to benefit by learning more about them. We may even have the technology available to help make a species stronger once we better understand its needs and functions.

  • Provoking Dangerous Animals For Study, Is Just Animal Abuse

    There is no need to provoke wild animals in order to study them. There are any number of safe, even remote, means by which to gather the same information. Provoking animals is merely grandstanding, at best, and animal abuse, at worst. It's not only dangerous for the animal, but it's dangerous for the performer and/or any unqualified person or persons that may seek to replicate the stutnt.

  • It affects the food chain

    Some people think it is okay, but some animals can either be too dangerous to study or maybe because they (the animals) are an endangered species. Sometimes in order for scientists to study animals they will have to disect the animal and that can affect us humans in many different ways

  • How would you like it?

    All life is precious. Animals have feelings and experience emotions like we do. Why should we provoke and disturb them when they have done nothing wrong, except in the views of some people who feel they have been given the right to provoke and disturb nature. We as humans are not showing ourselves to be more advanced than the natural world. So what, we have a smart phone!

  • No animal desevers to be provoked

    With the recent airing of the television show, with a man provoking an Anaconda to attack him, there clearly needs to be regulations set in place. These animals are only doing what is natural to them, they should be left alone. Especially when it seems like the true reason for the provocation is for television ratings, more so then the quoted research.

  • Dangerous animals should not be provoked so that they can be studied.

    No animal, dangerous and docile alike, should be provoked in any way just so that humans can study them. There are more appropriate, albeit not easy, ways to study animals without putting them or any one in harm's way. Scientists can learn much about animals simply by observing them from a distance and steps must be taken so that no animals are harmed simply so that more can be learned about them.

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