Analysis shows North Korean missile test footage is fake. Should Americans consider North Korea a threat to American freedom?

  • Yes, Americans should consider North Korea a threat to American freedom.

    Americans should consider North Korea a threat to American freedom because of their deceptive practices and refusal to cooperate with international agreements regarding missile testing. Not only are neighboring countries affected by North Korea's actions, the U.S. and its allies are also adversely affected by their disregard of existing agreements regarding missile testing.

  • Americans Should Consider North Korea a Threat

    Americans should consider North Korea a threat to American freedom. The government of North Korea is a totalitarian dictatorship that allows absolutely no freedoms we have here in America. They are an enemy of Freedom. Despite most likely faking their latest Missile test, North Korea is a threat to our freedom. They have a very large army and even a weak nuclear device could cause extreme damage and extensive loss.

  • Not a threat

    A country that will kill people for removing a political poster is just too happy to give the United States government video after video of a first strike nuclear weapons program? How many more times are y'all gonna let the media and shadow government trick you into war? Let's not forget the golf of Tonkin, 911, Sandy hoax, and all the other bull that is designed to get us all a case of foaming dog fever.

  • Just ignore entirely unsubstantiated threats

    North Korea has been bragging and threatening for years that they have the nuclear payload to crater the United States if they felt like it, but we have yet to see any proof whatsoever that they have anything close to what would even be needed to land anything on US soil. It's no use wasting time being worried about them for the time being.

  • North Korea not current threat to American livelihood

    Analysis shows that last week's detonation of a nuclear bomb by North Korea was fake. Additionally, even if it were real, seismograph evidence analyzed determined it to be of about the same strength as the atomic bombs used by the United States on the Japanese in 1945. So while this would cause many deaths, the North Korean nuclear program is not even close to as strong as the United States and therefore they cannot afford to attack the United States and threaten American freedom because the United States would then wipe North Korea off the map.

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