• Anarchism Is Logical

    For a long time, many countries with strict governments and very capitalist national mindsets have engraved the idea of "order" and "hierarchy" as necessary evils into the minds of citizens. These ideas have been carried on since the establishment of governments. However, I will be disputing that Anarchism is something humans should be saying 'yes' to, and not something to be shied away from.

    1) My first contention in this argument is one of the most basic: equality. Many concerns that come up with governments is the difficulty in finding a balance of equality. Either it's economic or social imbalance that causes these inequalities, and divides the society to fight itself from the inside. In an Anarchist society, no group of people nor one person rules. Instead, the people collectively inhabit the land by which they exist within, and learn to cooperate with one another. Though some people seem to refute Anarchism with the point "not everyone thinks with the same mindset, so those who oppose Anarchy will easily dismantle it", are quite contradictory. Not everyone in a capitalist society agrees with it, and yet it still seems to exist. Even in nations that are so far to the left and so progressive that they made it to being borderline socialist, these differences in opinion exist, and yet these systems still exist, as well. The point being, not only will these opinionated differences exist, but they are a crucial part to all societies.

    2) Another anti-Anarchist contention that some people fabricate, is the idea that Anarchism is entirely lawless and thus is chaotic. This idea is a chain of falsehood. Anarchism promotes the collaboration of society under a single banner, while still leaving room for opinion. When it comes down to the basics, crime rate comes from the inequality caused by a society build on the foundation of exploitation and selfishness. In a society where capitalist reigns superior, crime rate skyrockets. Why? Because the people are upset by these conditions. Notice, how honest workers are so easily corrupted by the ability to steal if they get their hands on a firearm. People are willing to do whatever it takes in order to obtain money. Because wealth corrupts people. Though there are few exceptions to this statistic, there are exceptions to every statistic. In a society of Anarchy, no money exists. In a system of Capitalism, money exists, and thus robberies will occur to illegally obtain that money. In Anarchism, due to the equality, dominance no longer exists, and there is no criminal food chain; there is no rhyme or reason to assert yourself unto someone else.

    3) The economy is another issue that commonly comes up when dealing with the idea of Anarchism. Anarchism would, like Communism, run on mercantilism and barter economics. Items produced by workers who make their own schedule are valued based on varying factors. This economic outfit has been successful in the past, nothing has changed that would prevent it from succeeding once more.

  • No, I do not believe that Anarchsim is a good form of society.

    First off, just imagine a world without any laws whatsoever. Some say that it's unjust law and order that creates crime and mayhem, but I do not think that this is true. If we look into history, whenever we have a Regime or Hovernment fall, it seems that's when the majority of the killing and plundering take place.
    Second, I do not agree that everyone would be equal in an Anarchist Society either. We would soon have groups of Gangsters and Militias that would most likely rise up and take over certain sets of land. It would be anything but equal.
    Lastly, a Bartering economy is nice and all, but if you have one then get ready to say goodbye to your major manufacturing and your appliances, phones, cars, TVs exc.
    Thanks and God bless!

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