• People can live truly free

    Or they can live a false freedom under government. Yes, the government will offer you a great deal of Freedom™, but in doing so, they hand all power to the corporations, and in the end, they give us absolutely no true freedom at all.

    From day one, our lives are planned out. Go to work. Vote. Obey the laws. Obey the government. Follow all of our rules, and sing all of our anthems, sing about how free we are (or they'll shoot you.) If we go against that plan, we'd be so lucky to be exiled; instead, we're locked away in a tiny cell or a padded room.

    We could know the true meaning of freedom if we lived in anarchy. Would there be chaos? Maybe, to start with, but it will eventually structure itself: a new order would emerge that's truly based around the collective and not by politicians who could very well just buy their positions.

  • Look At Our Government

    Because of our government there has been an increase in low wages for families, police brutality, most funds go to sports, abortion is legal, and marijuana, which has no negative effects, is illegal. In conclusion I believe anarchy should be our form of government instead of our current one which is slowly leading to Communism.

  • Freedom of expression

    In a democratic system, we are limited by the FCC and other groups. These groups control our speech, and how we provide information to those around us, and those around the world. In an anarchist society, we can say whatever we want, to whoever we want, whenever we want. We wont get kicked out of public places for "foul language", we wont get criticized for "profanity", and we wont get thrown in jail for our freedom to speak out against our government, just because they can call it treason and crimes against our nation. We the people have a true right to express our true feelings, without having to be monitored or censored.

  • Make Your Own Decisions

    We live in a world where everyone else makes our decisions, government tells us how we should spend our money and ontop of that they steal from us regularly, if I walked up to you in the street and said "If you dont give me some money, im going to lock you in this cage, and if you refuse to get in the cage I will kill you, but its okay because maybe 5% of that money will go on something you like, MAYBE." You'd probably say that this is not fair but when the almighty government does it it's perfectly fine. I could go on forever about reasons government is immoral and unnecesarry but it would take too long.

  • We would lose half or country.

    Say no to anarchy, no law, no freedom. People kill each other with law already, and if there was no law people would just do kill,steal,and wont work. They wont be afraid of the cops or going to jail because there is no law. So i say no to Anarchy.

  • Democracy is better than anarchy.

    There has never been an example of real anarchy working as a government. By definition, anarchy is no government at all. Democracy, on the other hand, is used by several countries and it is a successful for of government. Democracy is clearly a better way of life for people than anarchy.

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