Ancient library in Morocco goes digital: Is there still a purpose for printed books?

  • Files can be deleted while books cannot.

    I think there will always be a place for printed books. Other than the fact that having a tangible object is much more rewarding than having a few megabytes of memory, staring at a bright screen for too long of a period has been proven to be harmful for your eyesight in the long run. I like to have a visual clue to how far I am in a book as well. You have no way of knowing that other than page-number with a book read digitally.

  • Keep the printed books

    I know that things are easier in this digital age as far as access to information. I love reading and books are very important to me in both digital and paper format. The paper books should NOT be removed, there is a joy to them that you will never experience with a digital version of a book. Period.

  • yes yes yes

    Printed books are still valid and valuable in today's society. Not everyone has access to digital books all the time. Plus some people just like to hold an actual book. Books are treasures, some of them, such as illuminated manuscripts are literally treasures with gold leaf etc. Children should be able to hold and learn to read from real books as well as digital ones.

  • Yes, there is.

    Printed books are less and less important but they are easier to share. They also are easier to flip through, and they do not require access to electricity in order to use them. While not all books need to be read in a printed format, it is important to save them in both formats.

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