Android apps: Are they really better than Apple's?

  • I personally think that Android apps are better than Apple's.

    I personally think that Android apps are better than Apple's. Android seems to have a much wider variety and you can get exactly what you're looking for. Android also seems to have a lot more apps that are cheaper, or free. I also prefer the Android app store and the Android OS in general.

  • Yes, Android apps are better.

    I believe that android apps are much better than Apple's due to several deciding factors. Firstly Android apps tend to have many more customization options than those of Apple, this in part to the availability to customize the entire phone in general. Second, Android apps most often come with awesome widgets added to them to make life on your home screen that much more interesting.

  • Android apps aren't better - why would they be?

    I disagree that Android apps are better than Apple's. After all, surely it's a case of what the individual programmer is capable of, rather than the software it is run on? I personally have an Apple phone, but I have played around on Android phones in the past, and honestly I see very little difference in the operation.

  • I like both Android and Apple

    I own an Android phone and an Apple tablet. Each system has apps that are unique and cannot be found on the other system's app store. Because this is true in both directions, I do not feel that one has superior apps to the other. Besides, most of the popular (and therefore, typically the best) apps are already available on both devices.

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