• Pop art was meant to be reproduced.

    As both a traditional and digital artist I would purchase Andy Warhol prints. While some can argue the virtues of print vs. Original art ownership, in a world where everything is increasingly inexpensively mass-produced we personify it's value.

    The real value in art is how it's message and meaningfulness respond to you and impact culture.

  • No, I would not purchase any prints of Warhol's art.

    To purchase a print of someone's art, in of itself is to buy a soulless reproduction; that these works of art were produced on a computer, and thus that they can only exist in the physical world as reproductions speaks to their minimal value. They are at best a novelty, akin to purchasing scraps from the artist's wastebasket.

  • Not worth the money

    The computer prints are not worth the money; this is not to say that Andy Warhol is worthless, or that other people may not enjoy the prints, but for me personally, they are not worth the price. Warhol's work was important for its time, and is valuable, but not necessarily to me.

  • No, I would not waste money on it.

    Although I do admire art, I would not purchase Andy Warhol's computer art because I do not fancy his taste in art enough to buy it, for one. On top of that, I'm not financially stable enough to waste money on art at the moment, but even if I was, I would not buy his art because I am too crazy about celebrity portraits to begin with.

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