Anheuser-Busch fights lawsuit with new ads: Do you think the company is guilty of watering down its beer?

  • The fact that it is so cheap and tasteless gives credibility to the argument.

    As anyone who has consumed a beer from this company can attest, they do indeed water down their adult beverages quite horribly. The fact that it is so cheap and tasteless gives credibility to the argument that the company is indeed guilty as charged. I for one never drink their beer.

  • It tastes like it is.

    I think it's a possibility. Now that isn't enough to convict them of course, so this is just my opinion. Budweiser is the lightest beer I've ever tasted, and our friends over in Europe know it as "piss water." It's certainly worth investigating to make sure they're not watering their product down.

  • Budweiser always seems watered down.

    When you drink Budweiser, you get the impression that you're drinking flat seltzer water that was strained through moldy bread. It does go down easily. In fact, it goes down even more easily than a lot of other light lagers. If it's not watered down, the product you're getting sure seems watered down.

  • Yes, Absolutely And Budweiser Tastes Horrible

    Yes, I think Budweiser waters its beer down, but then again, so do most American corporate beers. The micro brews, on the other hand, are a completely different story. In the end, though, American beer like Budweiser will never compare to the history, heritage, and taste of beer in Europe.

    Posted by: rpr
  • I don't see any evidence.

    Bud may be the lightest beer on the market, but I haven't seen any evidence yet that Budweiser waters down its product. It's worth investigating however, so I hope the people suing get full access to investigate the company to make sure they're not ripping off the public. Until that happens, I can't say anything else.

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