• Its not alive

    The bodies come from animals that have already died. Homeless cat from shelters or from other sources. Or sick animals that were euthanized.
    Even some humans willingly donated their bodies to science so people could have a look inside.
    People would have no clue how to do heart surgery on your dad or grandpa if they did not study human anatomy.

    We study the anatomy of animals to get a better understanding of them. What if your little doggie got hurt and had to go to the vet.
    That vet had training on dead animals so one day they could save the live of your animal.

    You are the one being selfish if you want to stop doctors and vets from learning how to heal and do surgery on animals.

  • Good for Science Education

    I disapprove of anything that holds back science education and development. Dissecting animals who were already dead from other causes (that is how they do it) is perfectly ethical and does no harm to real animal rights. I don't really see the problem or the reason anyone would seriously be opposed to this.

  • I don’t like animal dissecting

    It is mean and cruel and we should stop. A animal does not want to be killed and dissecting anymore then you do! We need to remember they are alive and they have feelings and can feel pain! I can’t believe anyone is actually okay with this! We need to put a end to this!

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