• It is crucial for medicine, a hugely predominant matter!

    I agree that there are things that have no need for animal experimentation, but it doesn't mean that things such as medicine and science shouldn't do it. In fact it is unacceptable to NOT do it. All of the knowledge we have right now, was gained through this exact method .So if we stop now, not only will we stop the human progress, but we will start to revert. My point is, that it's massively important and needed.

  • It's needed to make sure things are safe for humans.

    Animal experimentation is one of those things that get people who love their little warm and fuzzy doggies and kitties all up in arms. Yes, I'm sure it's painful. Yes, I'm sure it's traumatic. But I'd rather that an animal than an actual human experience that pain and trauma first, to make sure it's basically safe.

  • Yes, sometimes it is acceptable.

    I think that we need to look at the benefits versus the costs of experimenting. It really depends on what the experiment is for. If it is to see if a shampoo works or if it causes skin irritations, then no, but if it is to find a cure for cancer, then yes!

  • Yes within reason

    Some animal experimentation is okay and often times necessary. The animal being tested on should not be facing any serious risk and should be treated humanely. As long as the people are doing this we do have some right to test on animals so we can try to save lives in the future.

  • Yes and no.

    Animal experimentation is both good and bad. It is hard to say one way or the other for me. On one side animals should not have to go through that and they have feelings too. On the other side how else will we be able to know when a medicine is ready?

  • Yes, animal experimentation is a necessary evil.

    In order to further advance or society we must continue to strive for medical advancements. The only way to test these advancements is on other mammals other than human beings. Perhaps after being tested on animals they can use inmates for testing. This would be better than using normal people.

  • Yes, Animal Experimentation is Crutial To Medicine

    While there are certain fields like beauty that do not need animal experimentation, it is critical to the medical field in research and development. Without animal experimentation we would not be able to perform the necessary research to identify, understand and treat diseases and genetic conditions. Animal studies are also critical to safe and effective development of pharmaceuticals which often end up saving both human and animal lives, so while it may seem unsavory, animal experimentation is necessary and leads to overwhelming good.

  • Animal experimentation should not be aloud!

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  • No, not usually needed.

    If there is a case where only experimenting on an animal would allow a researcher to find a particular medicine or cure, then that might be okay. But if it is only a matter of saving money or taking the easiest road, then experimenting on animals just can not be justified.

  • End Animal Cruelty

    Animal experimentation may occasionally be a necessary evil, but for the most part this is just gratuitous cruelty. Animals are not people and will not react to medications and other products the same way people will. If scientists want to know how the drugs will affect people, they need to test people instead.

  • No as it

    Will be predominantly for the use and benefit for humans to become healthy and more powerful, and it wont benefit the animal. I actually agree a bit with the person on yes as we should use inmates, especially murders.

    Animal testing should only be done if it will benefit the animals species and doesnt endanger the animal being tested on, we might not understand them, but animals are, believe it or not, capable of feeling PAIN!

    Human beings should stop all of the non-sense and just be more natural, we might be easy to kill be we are also very capable killers and so if we lived naturally we could survive! So humans making all of this technology is just stupid, we dont need this, and we certainly don't need nuclear weapons. And anyway, if the animal is being tested on for "the greater good" it would probably make us more deadly and there for it would be used for war and cause many human deaths, which really serves them right for animal testing.

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