• They should have the same rights

    One word Equality if this happens we shouldn't keep them as pets that's what everyone is forgetting but they will disrupt the social hierachy and won't know how to use a toilet or an iPad or drive a car. I believe they should but look at it from a practical sense

  • Equality of the Species

    Every single piece of matter in the realm matters. All matter should be treated with respect and care. It makes no difference if you are a rock or a diamond. They are both existing and they should be treated accordingly. We hold animals with much more importance because they are closer to us. We are animals. We are all in the same family. You treat everyone and everything with compassion and respect.

  • I believe it is time that animal rights is introduced

    I strongly believe that animal should have rights like we do. Animals should be treated equally like humans because they are a creation if god. They might not be able to speak like we can do but they can walk,eat,sleep etc. we kill them for their meat at the end we don't even eat their meat. That is why I believe it is time that something is done for these beautiful, rare creatures

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