Animal testing: Do animals experience very little or no pain?

  • Animals experience very little or no pain.

    Animals have been shown to experience very little pain because they have smaller brains than humans. Also, since animals cannot communicate with us, we cannot determine whether they are suffering or not. If they deserved our pity, they would be able to demonstrate their suffering. It is acceptably to kill animals in a humane manner.

  • Animals absolutely feel pain

    Hard to believe anyone would say yes to this. Animals absolutely feel pain in the exact same way humans do. Ever seen a deer limp after getting hit by a car. Have you never heard a cat moan in pain from a UTI. Ever stepped on a dogs tail and it yelped. Are you kidding me right now??? Animals also have feelings that can be hurt. Like when their pitiful owners just up and dump them out in the country where I live and their all heart broken and confused and half starved when we find them begging to come in in below zero weather.

  • Nothing suggests that

    Just because they can't convey it to us using language doesn't mean they don't hurt, they have all the physical capabilities of experiencing pain. Saying they don't is just trying to find a way to justify using them as test subjects, scientifically it is literally false to say they don't feel pain.

  • It depends on the animal

    Humans are animals, and clearly we experience pain - the idea that you can categorically argue that no animals feel pain is absurd. There are some animals that feel little to no pain, especially invertebrates, but its really dependent on the physiology of the organism. Could you really argue that an ape, or a dog, don't feel pain?

  • Of Course Animals Experience Pain

    Any animal with a developed nervous system feels pain. That means most animals with two or four legs. Fish feel pain. I'm not sure about insects because their brains and hive-like minds are so primitive, they might not feel anything when they are killed. However, every higher animal on Earth feels pain because they have more developed nerves and brains.

  • I believe that in certain tests animals experience a lot of pain.

    I believe that in certain tests animals experience a lot of pain. This makes me very sad and I do not want animals to have to go through this. However, I am not really sure what the alternative could be. Products can not just be released to the public without first making sure that they are not harmful.

  • Animal testing should be outlawed

    Animals and any other creature feel pain just as humans do. Just because they do not possess a higher consciousness like humans does not mean they deserve to be treated as less valuable. If they did not feel much pain, then the animals would not do things such as whimper and yelp in horrific fashion when being tested on and hurt.

  • Animals Hurt Too

    Even physical pain notwithstanding, animals in captivity, and particularly those used in scientific testing, live in circumstances completely foreign to them. Being so far removed from their natural habitats must have psychological effects on the animals we cannot accurately measure. They are likely to be very distressed from such treatment.

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