• Animals DO have rights. READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Testing animals is cruel and inhumane. There is no reason for it, there are other methods for testing your "precious" blush and mascara and foundation. There is no need so just don't do it. There is NO NEED. Let's treat animals like actual living creatures that DO have feelings and DO feel pain. Also lets shut down zoos and sea world. If you don't understand why, watch Black Fish and read The One and Only Ivan. Great film and book. They make you compassionate.

  • Yes, Animals have rights

    Animals should have rights, they are kind innocent creatures such as a dog, pig, cow ect. Look into their eyes, its crystal-clear innocent. Americans been consuming a lot of meat and in reality, We can really see that. Too much Portion/s of meat fattens a person that can be from a pig, cow how immoral is that and the people do not look beautiful. What i am stating here is that We, mostly Americans do not need to kill so many animals just so the desire to eat certain kind of meat. Eating meat should be limited and depends on what kind of animals. Americans should learn something from japanese; The Diet eating instead of just going to Japan. In America, we walk out and ..Not a day we see a human overweight, then go to gym to lose those (fats) that were from a dead pig. That is too cruel.

  • Yes, animals have rights.

    Animals have rights. There are definitely some tests done on animals. They do have rights however. You can be arrested for having sex with an animal. You can also be arrested for abusing an animals. Being cruel to an animal can also put you behind bars. Finally, you can be arrested just for neglecting an animal.

  • Yes, animals have rights.

    Animals are conscious, living beings and of course they have the right not to be treated badly and abused. A lot of animal testing is unnecessary and done for our convenience or our vanity. It makes conscious, sentient beings suffer when the minimal right they have is not to suffer.

  • Animals should have rights about animal testing.

    Animals should have rights about animal testing. Since animals cannot communicate then we have to speak for them. I do not think it is right that we are still using animals to test on. With all the technology that we have today we should be able to experiment without having to use animals.

  • Yes they do.

    Animals do have rights, just like humans do. While animal testing is wrong, it is a necessary evil to help us survive against diseases. Animal testing for cosmetic products or anything else like that should be banned as is it totally unnecessary. Animals do have rights, they are just not enforced like they should be.

  • Animals do have rights

    Yes, animals do have rights, and as such, animal testing should be performed humanely. Animals are living creatures capable of suffering, therefore, they have rights and must be treated as such. Because of this, any testing performed on animals should be administered humanely and should not cause undo discomfort or suffering.

  • Animals evolved over time just like man, therefore we should have the same rights

    First, animals' rights are violated when they are used in research. Tom Regan, a philosophy professor at North Carolina State University, states: "Animals have a basic moral right to respectful treatment. . . .This inherent value is not respected when animals are reduced to being mere tools in a scientific experiment"

  • Absolutely! Animals are just like us.

    Animals think. They feel. THEY LIVE LIFE JUST LIKE HUMANS DO. They feel sorrow, and love, and joy. They have culture, and language. They care for one another deeply and would sacrifice themselves for another. Sounds like a description for humans doesn't it? It is! It is a description for all of us. Humans and animals. We are equal.

  • A simple question

    I'll use an old philosophical argument for animal rights; The question is not can they reason, nor is it can they speak, the question is can they suffer. If you walked up to a rock on a street you would have no problem kicking it. But if you walked up to a mouse on the street, I'm sure you wouldn't be so cruel to kick the mouse. Because they can suffer and feel pain, we should have sympathy and treat them as equal.

  • I am for animal testing because I believe that animals have absolutely no rights.

    I am for animal testing because I believe that animals have
    absolutely no rights. Animals are not
    people. Some of them deserve respect,
    but they are not people. They are
    essentially our slaves. We can do
    whatever we choose to them. What are the
    animals going to do about it?

  • We Owe Animals

    I do not believe that animals have rights. However, I believe it is important for us to realize that animals are living creatures and we do owe them respect. We shouldn't needless harm or kill animals, but if we can use them to our benefit, rather it be fore work or food, we shouldn't feel exceptionally remorseful either.

  • Animals or humans in testing.

    Humans are the dominant species on this planet and as a result we should use anything at our disposal to further our existence. If that means that we need to test certain things on animals such as medicine then we should be able to so we can protect ourselves. Id o not believe in testing or harming animals if there is nothing to gain from it.

  • No, animals have less rights in the terms of testing.

    Sadly, animals do have less rights than humans when it comes to research. However, as humans, we should strongly question which types of products and things to test on animals. With important scientific discoveries it may be necessary, but with things like beauty products, it seems ridiculous to test them on animals and keep animals in laboratory settings. Though humans may have more rights than animals, we do need to exercise common sense, good judgment, and make sure animals are treated as humanely as possible when used for testing purposes.

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