Animal testing: Do humans have "dominion" over animals thus justifying animal testing?

  • Top Of Food Chain = Us

    Humans are on the top of the food chain, therefore humans do, to a degree, have dominion over the animals. I believe this does justify animal testing because it's far better to accidentally kill an animal by testing, say pharmaceuticals, than a human. Animal death is not as personal as human death.

  • Yes, it is a good practice.

    Yes, humans have dominion over animals, thus justifying animal testing. To say that animals should not be tested on because humans do not have dominion over them is to say that if a rat or snake are in your home, you should allow it to live there. It is better that an animal suffer than a human, and animal testing helps with that.

  • Of course not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How can people honestly think that we are better than any other living breathing creature that walks the earth, we have absolutely no dominion over other animals, we are at the same level, if not lower, Everyone belongs to themselves, we do not own them, they are not objects, they are not slaves, don't treat them like it!!!!!!

  • No we don't

    I do not think that animal testing is justifiable in most cases. I do not think that humans have "dominion" over animals which would allow us to be able to do whatever we want to the poor helpless animals. Yes we humans can do those things, but they are not right. Animal cruelty is not ok just because it is possible it can be done.

  • No, it is wrong definition of dominion.

    The word dominion in the Hebrew scriptures really has more to do with care for nature and conservation of it. We are not given authority, especially authority to hurt and torture animals. So unless testing is absolutely necessary and is not done for convenience or for saving money, there should be no animal testing.

  • Dominion does justify animal testing

    No, I do not believe that the justification of animal testing come with human dominion. I believe that animal testing not only benefit humans, it is also used to provide vaccines and medications for animals as well. I believe as long as the testing is completed in the most humane way as possible, it does have a positive outcome for humans and animals in the end.

  • No. Animals should have basic rights as well.

    No. Animal testing is and always has been wrong. Granted, there are a lot of cures that have come about due to animal testing, but there are alternative ways. With the technology we have today, most testing can be done outside of the lab, and inside a computer program. We have the ability to keep our animals safe through new technology.

  • No, animal testing is not justified.

    The notion of dominion is irrelevant. We have to eat. The line drawn by vegetarians that says it's okay to eat plants but not animals based on some metric of suffering is pretty arbitrary. Humans are undeniably at the top of the food chain, and it is perfectly reasonable and correct for us to eat animals. However, testing drugs and other products on animals is not quite so easily justified. It is one thing to use them for for sustenance. It is another thing entirely to use them as pin cushions so that a human can avoid a little discomfort.

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