Animal testing: Is animal testing moral if it reduces human suffering?

  • Humans are the future

    As immoral as this may sound, yes, I do think animal testing is moral since it could very help reduce human suffering in the future. The bottom line is, this world runs with humans and they are the future. Not the animals. Animals die every day, that is just a fact of life.

  • As long as not hurting animals

    I think animal testing is okay as long as it is not being cruel or hurting the animals. If it is then a different method of testing should be done. If the testing is not harmful then I believe we should be testing on animals if it can help human suffering or save lives.

  • Animal testing leads to advancement

    Animal models and animal testing has led to massive gains in the biological sciences. While people think of animal testing and immediately get angry about makeup testing and cosmetics in general, the vast majority of labs both corporate and academic of a certain size or larger that study biology utilize animal testing - this is where medical breakthroughs occur.

  • Animal Testing is Moral if it Reduces Human Suffering

    Yes, animal testing is moral if it reduces human suffering. While animals are also capable of suffering, human beings have an increased capacity of suffering due to being sapient creatures. As humans have this increased capacity for suffering, the suffering of animals who are used in testing is excusable, though lamentable.

  • Animal testing is always moral.

    Look, there's always gonna be some suffering on this planet. I'm "sorry, not sorry" if you get all upset when cute little fuzzy animals get used as lab rats. But the fact of the matter is that human life is more valuable than other animal life, and it's appropriate to test on animals first.

  • Animal testing not morally acceptable.

    Animal testing is not morally acceptable.It is very inhumane to experiment on animals with the hope it might help someone in a later date.I know we kill animals every day for food,but that's a biological need.If we need to experiment on animals,we should at least not make them suffer.People should also understand that we should bring down the amount of animals killed,by doing less experiments.Only a few experiments are enough.You don't need to repeat them without reason.If an experiment on an animal doesn't seem well for humans,but the animal is in the same state it was when it was when living in the wild,you shouldn't kill the animal,but you should return it to it's natural habitat.Even though animals cannot speak,this doesn't mean they don't have an opinion.

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  • No animal testing isn't humane

    I strongly believe that animal testing is a very crazy thing to do. Why should we hurt animals or put them in danger when were the ones who created the concoction so its just right for us to try it on our selves. Its also not fair and right because we all have rights and just because animals cant talk doesn't mean they don't have a right

  • Animal testing can not be judged as moral just because it reduces human suffering.

    Animal testing should not be judged as moral just because it reduces human suffering.We really do not know how much animals suffer because we are not able to judge animal pain.For all we know they suffer a lot more than we can tell and there should be other ways to cut down on human suffering.

  • No, animal testing is not moral if it reduces human suffering.

    Animal testing, while it may prove to be beneficial to human kind, it is an immoral act and should not be allowed to continue. Animal testing is done by countless chemical, and pharmaceautical companies out there, and they often time end up killing the animal that the product is being tested on. When testing is done on animals, there is often little concern for the safety of the animal. Animals have no say in the matter so others must speak for them, and I do not agree with the continuation of animal testing.

  • Animal testing never moral.

    Animal testing is never moral. It is selfish for people to harm animals because of the small possibility it may help a person at a later date. If testing is that important we should support experimentation on inmates. That might deter criminals from committing future crimes. Animals contribute more to improving society than those rotting away in jail anyway.

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