Animal testing: Is animal testing necessary for the survival of humankind?

  • Animal testing is necessary for the survival of humankind.

    Animal testing is necessary for the advancement of science and medicine. It is likely that such testing will be necessary in order to prevent and treat future diseases. There are currently no other practical ways to develop and test medicines without the use of some sacrificial animals. We need animal testing for our survival.

  • It is necessary for the survival of humans and animals

    Yes. I believe that animal testing is necessary for the survival of not only humans, but their beloved pets and other animals as well. If not for animal testing many of the medications and cures for diseases would not exist. The animals should be treated humanely, but I do believe that is necessary for the greater good.

  • Animal Testing is an essential part of science

    The massive gains made in our knowledge of molecular genetics and biochemistry in general are, in a very large way, due to our willingness to experiment on animals. Banning experimentation on animals would be a massive setback to all fields of biological science, and would destroy one of our greatest assists in the experimental testing of theories.

  • My brother has an incurable genetic disorded <down syndrome>the onl possibility to be cured is through experiments.

    If not on animals,then should we start testing on those who feel that their humanity is coming in middle of all those possibilities that only animal experiments can provide?
    You say animals are innocent . What about those people who suffer from genetical; disorders ? What is the crime they have commited that you cant let them even have hopes for their cures. We all love animals ,but at a practical level its important to renounce your emotions and think in a practical and scientific way!

  • Yes animal testing

    With out animal testing all of humanity could die and we will not be able to protect the futer. Vote animal testing I tell you vote animal testing so that we can save humanity and protect any diseases in the futer. We will be able to protect the futer .

  • I am not sure...

    I thing yes because they give their lives for us and some animals actually get saved

    then i think no because about 25 million animals die each year so it makes me sad . . .

    So idk please help me by commenting on what i should choose thank you!

  • Dissecting Animals: The Real Truth

    Animals are beautiful creatures that don't deserve to be killed. It's time that we BAN this right and animals should not be killed because of that. IT'S TIME TO END THIS STUFF NOW OR ELSE YOU'LL GET THE BEST OF THE ANIMAL SOCIETY!! DO NOT KILL, LET THEM LIVE NOW! This is Destiny and I 'speak for the animals'.
    Even AN ELEPHANT has been dissected. A POOR INNOCENT ELEPHANT! Do you want an elephant to kill YOU? Stop all this CRAZY SHENANIGANS! It's fine if the animal is dead, but cut it ALIVE? NOW I know why lions sometimes want to kill you I'm not even in MIDDLE SCHOOL and I know how DISGUSTINGLY DISGUSTING it is! And you'd probably think why a 5th grader wants to talk about it!
    Thank you for making me read this article.

  • No not necessary

    I am supportive of animal testing in certain situations. I don't think the animal should be harmed or put at risk. However even if they are not at risk the testing is not essential for the survivlal of human kind. It will certainly helped humans but to say it is essential is wrong.

  • Humans will prevail

    Humankind will prevail without animal testing because it managed to prevail for thousands of years without medicine or predatory pharmaceutical companies. Humans can prosper without endangering the lives of other creatures on this Earth, which we do not need to prove our dominance over, but instead should nurture and protect.

  • Animal testing is not necessary for the survival of mankind.

    Animal testing is not necessary for the survival of mankind. Most of the testing that we inflict on our animals are not for medical purposes but for cosmetic purposes. I have always thought that this was wrong and needs to be stopped. We are not related to the mice and other animals that they test so they should stop.

  • Animal testing isn't necessary for human survival

    Animal testing isn't necessary for human survival at all because all we need is nutritional food, fresh water and shelter to survive and reproduction to continue our race. Animal testing is only used to test products for human safety but those products aren't entirely needed that without them, the survival of humankind will be in jeopardy.

  • No animal testing is not needed

    No, I do not think that animal testing is needed for the necessary survival of humankind. I think that scientists can find better ways in order to perform their tests, and that testing on animals is not ethical. Animals can feel just as much pain as humans and therefore shouldn't be tested on.

  • Animal testing bad

    Animals should stay alive. Its not fair to them to loose their lives because people are so sick. They should test them on dead bodies or what not. But not animals or people! Animals have something to do and killing them is not an option. They are part of mother nature!

  • No need for animal testing.

    There is no need for animal testing. Humans were surviving just fine long before animal testing was introduced. It is cruel to experiment on animals. It is especially cruel to blind animals in order to test makeup. If testing is that important, we should use inmates on death row for experimental procedures.

  • No Animal Testing

    Animal testing is cruel. Said and done. Do you like cheese over the ocean so bring back my bonnie to me bring back the cheese for the poor little mouse in the middle of all of this ridiculous bickering and snickering. He's gray has ears and a tail and blue eyes.

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