Animal testing: Is the genetic modification of animals appropriate?

  • I think that the genetic modification of animals is totally appropriate.

    I think that the genetic modification of animals is totally appropriate. We should genetically modify animals in any
    case where it would benefit human beings.
    Human beings are more important than animals. They are here to make our lives easier. They are here to serve us, so they should be
    manipulated in any way that helps us.

  • Yes it is appropriate

    A human life is much more valuable than an animal life. As humans we shoudl be looking out for other humans and not worry about animals. If a little suffering in an animal can reduce suffering in a human then the procedure is worthwile. There should be testing on animals to further medicine.

  • Yes it is.

    The genetic modification of animals is appropriate. This will allow for the human race to better understand genetics, which will allow us to make corrections to things that go wrong. Not only will this be one of the most beneficial things to the human race, it will also have benefits for animals.

  • Yes, for research purposes.

    Yes, the genetic modification of animals is appropriate, because it might help with biological or medical research. If we can learn how to make life better for humans by genetically modifying an animal or a species, it is worth while. Science is not very developed on this issue yet, and we do not know what wonderful discoveries are waiting for us with genetic modification of animals.

  • It depends on the modification.

    In most cases I would have to say that it is inappropriate to modify an animal genetically for scientific purposes if it causes harm to the animal. If it is the case of using jellyfish dna to make an animal glow to study cancer or other diseases and it causes no harm, I don't personally have a problem with it.

  • No, we shouldn't mess with nature in this way.

    Genetically modifying animals really doesn't serve a good purpose, and can be dangerous or inhumane. As an example of one that I feel is really inhumane is that there is a scientist trying to reverse-engineer chickens to turn them into dinosaurs. That being said, I think natural genetic modification done through selective breeding is generally okay, such as creating different breeds of domesticated animals.

  • Modification of a living being is dangerous and inhumane

    Genetically modifying animals certainly does not seem like a very good idea. From my understanding, characteristics of any living organism are variations in its genetic code; a variety of mutations, but not in the common perception of what a mutation is. Modifying the genetic code of an animal would essentially be forcing a mutation and going against the natural progression of the species. No one could possibly know what sort of damage has been caused to the future of the species by doing this sort of modification. If the animal is one that is commonly used for food, it could wreak havoc on the food supply or mutate into a non-edible food source.

    Another argument: Humans should not play the role of God.

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