Animal testing: Is the use of animals in cosmetic testing appropriate?

  • I personally think that the use of animals in cosmetic testing is appropriate and necessary.

    I personally think that the use of animals in cosmetic
    testing is appropriate and necessary.
    The lives of people are far more important than the lives of any
    animal. Think about it. What is a white lab mouse good for other than
    being a test subject? They don’t even
    make good pets. We should begin to clone
    animals for this purpose.

  • It keeps people safe by using animals first.

    I don't see anything wrong with the use of animals in testing for any product designed for humans, and that includes cosmetics. While it may seem cruel or barbaric, I think that allowing products on the market that haven't been fully tested on animals with similar reactions to humans would be irresponsible.

  • Yes, animal testing is appropriate given the alternative of human testing

    Let me be clear, though: animal testing that endangers the life of the animal is not appropriate in my opinion. I do not believe that killing animals for the sake of human vanity is appropriate, but I do not believe that cosmetic testing presents risks to animals sufficient to mortally harm them. As I understand cosmetic testing, it is generally to test the interaction between chemicals in cosmetics, and skin, with some animals having skin very similar to humans. While it would be more ethically sound to test cosmetics on willing or paid human volunteers, the reality of the situation is that animals are generally not as valuable to our society, on the scale that they're used in cosmetic testing, as humans are. Additionally, the reality of the testing and sale of cosmetics would not make economic sense on the scale of whatever human volunteer base could be coaxed into testing for relatively little money (or no money, perhaps, if they were doing it to spare animals). So, unfortunately, until a synthetic test is developed, or humanity ceases to care about looks and hygiene, testing on animals is more appropriate than the alternatives.

  • Better to test on animals

    Animals do not have right when it comes to humans. I believe that an animal should be allowed to be hurt if it protects a human from a similar fate. It is better that we test things on animals before we test it on humans to help protect humans from complications and effects that may not have been foreseen.

  • Cosmetic Sales Increase

    Think of this as a way of increasing the cosmetic sales. Vegetarians and vegans don't usually buy products that are tested on animals. Products that are tested on humans will be a more accurate test. Sure the human will be in pain but at least there is treatment. Animals get tested and they don't even give treatments. Vegans and Vegetarians would buy non-animal tested products and that will increase profit.

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  • It's so so selfish to do this

    Its inhumane to think that animal testing should be done on animals for the sole purpose of being able to have makeup. Just so you can look good, you think its okay to kill tons of animals? That is so so sad. We are all equal here on this earth, why treat animals like they aren't?

  • Each Year, over 100 million animals are used for animal testing worldwide.

    Although animal testing for cosmetics is not required by the FDA 94% of animal testing is done for cosmetic reasonings. Animal testing for cosmetic reasonings should be put to an end because it is inhumane and cruel. Not only is it inhumane but it is also thought by many researches and scientists to be ineffective. The most common test is the Draize Test, this is where the animal has its eyelids "clipped" or their stomach shaved. Toxic chemicals are then pored onto its eyes or bare skin and left for days or weeks while being monitored. No anesthetics are used during this process which means that the animal must endure all the pain until they are killed by the chemical or put down. A recent study has shown the Draize Test has over predicted the effects seen in the human eye and does not reflect the eye irritation of a human eye. This alone proves that animal testing is not even necessary in the first place. I encourage everyone to spread the word and stand up for our furry friends because they cannot do it on their own.

  • There Are Other SAFE Ways That Companies That Don't Use Animal Testing Still Make the Same Safe Cosmetics!

    Animal testing is NOT the only way to make sure that cosmetics are safe. In fact, it has been encouraged for all companies to use these methods. The UK still sales cosmetics and has COMPLETELY BANNED animal testing. The EU still sells cosmetics and has COMPLETELY BANNED animal testing. Everyone else should follow.

  • The use of animals in cosmetic testing is not appropriate.

    The use of animals in cosmetic testing is not appropriate. This should not be allowed and in this technology that we have to us today should not be needed. They continue to harm animals during the testing for cosmetic production purposes. We should not allow them to continue to do this.

  • Animal testing is not appropriate for cosmetic testing.

    Animal testing in cosmetics largely exists to test the safety of substances on humans that are illegal in many European countries. If these substances are not safe to begin with, then they should not be put into cosmetics, even after testing. Rather, companies should begin manufacturing cosmetics made from natural ingredients that are safe for human skin.

  • The use of animals in cosmetic testing is not appropriate

    The use of animals in cosmetic testeing is not appropriate. This is because of the fact that the animals are not the ones who are going to be using the product in the end. Also, animals run the risk of being treated badly in this endeavor. If they are to be tested upon, they must be treated well.

  • No they shouldnt

    No because what if that happend to one of your pets how would you feel. People can use different things to test on like plants or food. I would understand if it was an old animal or if it is dieing. But that is not the point its not fair

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